Anthony B. Perales'  poetry is rich with raw grit and grace. Through his experiences in jail, institution, solitude and the streets, his poetry bleeds with an honesty that is only afforded by someone who has lived it. He brings to life his memories and experiences and takes the reader back down along paths that are both dark and enlightened with both intensity and finesse. Madhouses, lunatics and winos are breathed to life through his written word. With a sense of empathy and intuition, each written line pulls the reader into his mind on a tour of the rough and wild road Anthony has traveled. — Robert Archer
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Artist: Anthony B. Perales 
Genre: Poetry 
Publication date: August 6 
Publisher: END FWY Press 
Edition & Language: Second Edition, English 
Format: Chapbook 
Pages: 48 
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in


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You'll Find me In The Darkness
               If I Let You                  

Arm the Outcast

You'll Find Me In The Darkness if I Let You
     41 Pages 20 Works of Poetry and Prose                                  Deadend Press  2014 
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              1st Edition OUT OF PRINT           
The first Chapbook to be released with the original works of poetry and prose by A B Perales. Self published under " DeadEnd Press" with cover art by Aaron Portillo.
This 41 page Chapbook is filled with 20 works of poetry and prose selected by the Author himself.​ 
Originally released May of 2014.
Copies are no longer available.
                     Arm the Outcast
  35 Pages 20 Works of poetry and Prose
                 Poppy Press 2015        
                 Available Sept. 2015
            1st Editon OUT OF PRINT      
The second Chapbook released with 20 more original works of poetry and prose by A B Perales.Self published under  Poppy Press set for release September of 2015. The cover art is a photograph of the author himself as a 6 year old in 1979.Includes such works as
"Copies will be available September 2015

           Chapbook review for       
                         by Sandra Squire Fluck                          

The poetry of Anthony B. Perales speaks to the harsh realities of his life, which he acknowledges in his two chapbooks: You’ll Find Me In The Darkness If I Let You (2014) and Arm The Outcast (2015).The poetry comprises straightforward and telling narratives about growing up in San Pedro, chasing the dragon, spending time in prison, learning native doctrine in the desert of Southern California, losing love, and finding poetry. He wrote his first poem in 2007 when he was thirty-three years old.
[Poetry of A.B. Perales] Although there is, at times, a filtered, contextual anger in his poetry, Perales does not vent. Quite [Arm the Outcast]  the contrary. He allows the reader in, bit by bit, like an introvert weighing the consequences of revealing too much. Yet, paradoxically, he reveals a lot, giving the reader admission into the darkness of his world through a poetry that says: This is real. It happened. I do not lie. I do not exaggerate. If you bear with me, I will tell you what I know, what I have seen. Likewise, Perales does not do surface poetry. His narrative voice belies the complexities of the submerged layers that constitute the poet’s oeuvre.
Two poems in particular illustrate the submerged layers that prod the reader to go deeper, to find the meaning and meanings waiting to be gleaned. In the poem “All I Need” (Arm The Outcast), the poet is given a twenty-page pamphlet about what he “can no longer enjoy” and nothing about what he can abuse. He rationalizes the need to escape, and opines how his “mother has her wine,” his father has “his faith and his guns,” and his brothers “all have their futures.” Then he moves quickly to what holds him together:                                                       
                                                                    All I have is this.                                                                                                                   And if it ever leaves me.                                                   
                                                              If the words stop coming.                                               
                                                              Then what I am but another                                           
                                                                 empty useless soul.                                                      
                                                                      Taking up space.                                                    
 Fighting off the demons.                                                  
                                                                   Waiting on the                                                          
                                                                 darkness to come.                                                        
Given the reality in which he has lived—prison, heroin, alcohol—the poet finds an altogether different one that holds him togethera reality of words that shape his poetry. If he loses the words, he knows the darkness will surely envelop him.
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