Anthon​y B. Perales ​​

​The poetry of Anthony B. Perales speaks to the harsh realities of his life, which he acknowledges in his two chapbooks: You’ll Find Me In The Darkness If I Let You (2014) and Arm The Outcast (2015).  The poetry comprises straightforward and telling narratives about growing up in San Pedro, chasing the dragon, spending time in L.A county jail and California's prison system , learning native doctrine in the desert of Southern California, losing love, and finding poetry. ​​ 
He wrote his first poem in 2007 when he was thirty-three years old.

 Anthony has since been published both in print and online, self-published two Chapbooks , studied at the UCLA Writers Program and is still sending in submissions to various poetry web sites and print publications.

 In 2014, with the help of long time friend, Aaron Portillo, he self-published his first chapbook, 'You'll Find Me In the Darkness If I Let You' on his own 'DeadEnd Press' imprint. The second edition of this chapbook will be released on August 6, 2016 on 'End Fwy Press.'
 In 2015, Anthony was chosen by Don King Fisher as 1 of 40 Southern California poets to be published in 'Spectrum Anthology of Southern California Poets.'
Also in 2015, Anthony released his follow up chapbook, 'Arm The Outcast'on his own, 'Poppy Press' imprint. The second edition of this chapbook is scheduled to be released on End Fwy Press sometime in 2019. 

Its obivous that living in Southern California in Los Angeles has had a deep influence on his writing . His San Pedro poems  show his love for his hometown and gives one reasons why Bukowski chose this small Port town as his final home beafore his death.Anthony names writers and musicians such as the Minutemen, Bad Brains, Steven Jessie Bernstein, Jack Kerouac,John Frusciante ,Harlan Coben,Charles Bukowski, Cormac McCarthy, Jimi Hendrix, Misfits, Don Winslow and friends like Craig Ibarra and Aaron Portillo as his main influences when it comes to art and creating in general.
   When asked about his writing style and how he approaches a poem or a short story, he has only one answer.
"I only write about the things I know — the things I’ve seen."

Although there is, at times, a filtered, contextual anger in his poetry, Perales does not vent. Quite the contrary. He allows the reader in, bit by bit, like an introvert weighing the consequences of revealing too much. Yet, paradoxically, he reveals a lot, giving the reader admission into the darkness of his world through a poetry that says: "This is real. It happened. I do not lie. I do not exaggerate. If you bear with me, I will tell you what I know, what I have seen".
Likewise, Perales does not do surface poetry. His narrative voice belies the complexities of the submerged layers that constitute the poet’s oeuvre.
​Given the reality in which he has lived—prison, heroin, alcohol—the poet finds an altogether different one that holds him together—a reality of words that shape his poetry. 

 His other passion is in locating and aquiring Rare Books , Vintage Collectables , Ephemera and Antiques.
 He is still writitng poetry and  has started working on his first novel at home in San Pedro California.

                                                                 MJK  2018