The Writer 
Anthony B. Perales 
San Pedro California

" I’m confident readers will find his poetry compelling. It grabs the reader from the very first line and builds until the last, not letting up at any juncture".
Sandra Flux

"Anthony B. Perales' poetry is rich with 
raw grit and grace. Through his experiences in jail, institution, solitude and the streets, his poetry bleeds with an honesty that is only afforded by someone who has lived it. He brings to life his memories and experiences and takes the reader back down along paths that are both dark and enlightened with both intensity and finesse. Madhouses, lunatics and winos are breathed to life through his written word. With a sense of empathy and intuition, each written line pulls the reader into his mind on a tour of the rough and wild road Anthony has traveled"  
                           Bob Archer
              Water Under the bridge Records
"What I like about his work is he never lets 
 the reader down; it is always there, 
 that integral honesty, that sharpness with words.
We would want a book from him,
 something to make the poetry sections
 in book shops worth visiting."
                          Terry Collet
                          Sussex U.K
  1. September 28th between 7pm and 9pm
    An Anthology of Southern California Top Poets put together by Don Kingfisher Campbell. I got in......
    Spectrum publication reading that will be held on Monday, September 28th between 7pm and 9pm at the Donald Wright Auditorium inside the Pasadena Central Library on 285 E. Walnut St. Additional You can also pre-order guaranteed copies to pick up at the reading for $5 each. If you can't make it to the publication reading, you can still order a copy by sending $10 via to (includes $5 for shipping).
  2. April 24 2016
    Long Beach Zine Festival
    Chapbooks will be available at the End Fwy Press table this Sunday April 24 ,2016
  3. Sunday, August 6 2017 • 11am to 5pm • Free Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, C
    The 3rd annual Long Beach Zine Festival
    LBZF features more than 100 zinesters, live music, workshops & panels
    Chapbooks by Anthony B Perales will be available at the ENDFWY PRESS table.

                                                BY ANTHONY B. PERALES      

     $6.00 COMING SOON
           Product Details
    Artist: Anthony B. Perales 
        Genre: Poetry 
   Publication date: August 6 
     Publisher: END FWY Press 
    Edition & Language: Second Edition, English 
  Format: Chapbook 
     Pages: 48 
     Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in
       A Collection of Poems 

        Limited edition of 75, signed by the artist.